Q: What are the advantages of purchasing a monthly permit?

A: There are many advantages! These include being guaranteed a parking spot at the location for which you hold a permit, paying less in total with your monthly rate rather than paying daily rates, and the ease of knowing you do not need to make payments every time you park your vehicle.

Q: I wish to cancel my permit. how do I do this?

A: Please log into your parking account, you will see a ‘Permit Cancellation Request’ button on the same page as your permit to fill in. You may also email help@login.surgeonsi.net to request permit cancellation.

Q: There is somebody parked in my reserved stall. what do I do?

A: Please call our parking office () or email help@login.surgeonsi.net and provide the licence plate of the vehicle parked in your stall. We will then investigate the issue.

Q: I require parking at a certain location. do you have monthly parking available?

A: Please see our list of locations available to purchase monthly parking permits here.

Q: I would like to update my account information. how do I do this?

A: Please log into your parking account. You will see your name in the corner, select this and select ‘Manage Your Account Information’. Here you will have the option to change/add your billing address, email address, phone number, password and credit card information.

Q: Can I share my permit with another individual?

A: Permits can only be used for one vehicle at a time, if two vehicles registered on one permit are parked in the same location and the same time, they will be issued a violation.

Q: How do I renew my monthly permit?

A: Your credit card will be linked to your permit, on the 1st of each month your payment will be processed, and your permit will be automatically renewed.

Q: I cannot find the lot I wish to purchase a permit for. why?

A: Some lots may be at full capacity, therefore permits are not available online to purchase. Please contact help@login.surgeonsi.net to find out if there is a wait list you can be added to.

Q: I have received a ticket. what do I do now?

A: You may either pay your violation ticket online, over the phone or mail a cheque. If you wish to dispute this ticket, you may file a dispute here.

Q: What are your monthly rates for your locations? 

A: We offer monthly permits for numerous sites, please visit our list here for rates and locations.

Q: Is there a cancellation policy on my permit?

A: Yes, we require notice before the 20th of the month you wish your permit to expire at the end of.

Q: Do I need to display a decal on my vehicle to show I have a permit?

A: No, our lots are patrolled using Licence Plate Recognition Technology.

Q: How am I billed for my monthly parking?

A: Payments are taken on the 1st of each month to renew parking permits.

Q: What is my current wait list position?

A: Please email: help@login.surgeonsi.net for an update on your wait list status.